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SJZ Chenghui Chemical Co Ltd is located in Shijiazhuang the capital of Hebei Province 270km away from the south of Beijing We mainly export chemical products our main business is Sulfanilic acid Sodium Sulfanilate we have been mainly engaging in manufacturing and selling them for more than 20 years we are the earliest and largest supplier in China our present supply capacity is 22 000 mts per year and have been selling our product to many areas in the world Our other strong products are as follows 1 Water treatment chemicals for swimming pool we cooperate with other factory to produce Algaecide Bactericide with different concentration 2 Water reducer items SNF A SNF B SNF C powder 3...

Categories and Products

Organic Intermediate


Water Treatment Chemical

Water Reducer

Dispersant Agent and other

Optical Brightener

Pigment Intermediate

Pigment raw material

Food Additive



Pharmacetical Raw Material


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controlBenzene Sulphonic Acidsodium gluconate buyeracetyl sulfanilic acidNatural Pool ChemicalsSulfonation of AnilineWSCP for Swimming Poolconcrete water reducerPigment White 6 Powdersodium gluconate priceeu food additives listconcrete mix additivesAlgae Control in LakesSulphanlic Acid 99 PCTSilicate Minerals ListMustard Algae for Poolsodium silicate powderSodium Silicate SafetySodium Sulfanilate 97%Germicide and Algicide2 Naphthol Ir Spectrumnatural food additivesFluorescent BrightenerSulfanilic Acid PowderOptical brightener BBUoptical brightener ob1dyes and intermediateslist of pool chemicalsSulfatase White Powderoptical brightener kcbOptical Brightener CBWAlgae Control in PoolsBleach Polyester WhiteHigh Quality AlgaecideConcrete Water Reduceraqueon water clarifieralgae control aquariumalgae control in pondsSulphanilic Acid OdourWater Reducer ConcretePotassium Metasilicatealgae control chemicalsPool Chemicals AdelaideTosic Acid White PowderPool Chemical Supplierscoloring agents in 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zwitterionsodium gluconate food gradeAmmonium Persulfate StorageP Aminobenzenesulfonic AcidFluorescent Paper Suppliersfluorescent whitening agentoptical brighteners laundry4 Aminobenzenesulfonic AcidWater Treatment Polyquat 60Chemical Water Purification4-diazobenzenesulfonic acidhigh range superplasticizerSulphanilic Acid Solubilitysulfanilic acid sodium saltSulfanilic Acid MonohydrateLithopone White Powder B301admixtures used in concrete2 Aminobenzenesulfonic AcidPotassium Silicate SolutionPotassium Aluminum SilicateLight Yellow Uniform Powderpotassium thiocyanate priceimagitarium water clarifiersulphanilic acid preparation3-Aminobenzene Sulfonic AcidPotassium Nitrate FertilizerAlgaecide for Swimming PoolsSynthesis of Sulfanilic AcidSodium Naphthalene SulfonateStructure of Sulfanilic Acidwhere to buy sodium silicatePotassium Silicate Anhydrous4-aminobenzenesulphonic Acidunintentional food additives4-aminobenzene Sulfonic Acidsodium gluconate applicationFolding Cationic Surfactantssodium naphthalene sulfonateSulfanilic Acid Another NameAmino Naphthol Sulfonic AcidSulphanilic Acid Preparationswimming pool chemicals listMuch Better Whitening Effectsulfanilic acid density g/mlMonopotassium Phosphate Useswastewater treatment process4 Aminobenzene Sulfonic Acid3 Aminobenzene Sulfonic Acid4-methylbenzenesulfonic AcidMustard Algae Pool TreatmentAmmonium Persulfate SolutionP-toluenesulfonic Acid Sigmasuperplasticizer in concreteImportant Dyes Intermediatesnaphthalene superplasticizeroptical brighteners in paperUsed As an Analytical ReagentUsed to Control Wheat Diseasepotassium silicate fertilizerPotassium Phosphate MonobasicLithopone 99.0% B301 for Salepolyquat 60 active ingredientdangerous food additives listfluorescent brightening agentAlgaecide for Ponds with FishSulfanilic Acid Boiling PointAmmonium Persulfate Supplierssulphanilic acid from anilinepotassium silicate for plantsGreen to Clean Pool AlgaecideDipotassium HydrogenphosphateAlgae Swimming Pool Treatmentsuperplasticizer where to buySwimming Pool Algae TreatmentStructure of Sulphanilic Acidsulfanilic acid boiling pointDimethyl Malonate PreparationPotassium Polysilicate GlassyAmmonium Dihydrogen Phosphateproteam polyquat 60 algaecidewater treatment process stepsPotassium Silicate FertilizerAquarium Clear Water ProductsOptical Brightener For Cottonsodium gluconate uses in foodRhodanid White Crystal PowderC6H11O7Na Corrosion InhibitorPotassium Silicate for Plantswater treatment plant diagramWater Clarifier Swimming Pooloptical brighteners detergentExamples of Silicate MineralsP-toluenesulfonic Acid SodiumSulfanilic Acid Melting PointOptical Brightener for CottonDispersing Agent for PigmentsUsed in Paper-making IndustryFluorescent Brightening AgentMonobasic Potassium Phosphatedispersing agent for pigmentsoptical brighteners chemistrywhere to buy superplasticizerwastewater treatment chemicalsSodium Isocyanate White PowderBest Algaecide for Vinyl PoolsAmmoniumrhodonide White PowderSulfanilic Acid For Food ColorSulfanilic Acid and 2-naphtholintermediate organic chemistryAlgae Prevention Algaecides 60polyquat 60 algaecide for poolchemicals used in constructionoptical brighteners in laundryMethylbenzenesulfonic Acid 99%potassium silicate water glassP-toluenesulfonic Acid SodiuraSodium Sulfocyanate Purity 98%city water treatment chemicalsfast curing concrete additivesorganic reactive intermediatesNatural Algae Killer for Poolswater reducer for concrete mixDipotassium Hydrogen PhosphateMustard Algae in Swimming PoolBest Algaecide for Green Algaeconcrete plasticizers productsAlgaecide for Salt Water Poolssodium gluconate in toothpasteOptical Brightener for Plasticpotassium silicate hydroponicsLithopone White Crystal PowderSulfanilic Acid for Food ColorPotassium Silicate Water GlassPotassium Dihydrogen PhosphatePotassium Phosphate FertilizerAlgicide for the Swimming PoolAlgaecide 60 For Swimming PoolWater Treatment Plant ClarifierSodium Hydrosulfite 85%/88%/90%Mustard Algae in Pool TreatmentHigh Quality of Sulfanilic AcidSodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylatesodium naphthalene formaldehydeSodium Formaldehyde for Cements2-Hydroxy-2-methylpropiophenoneChemical Dispersant Oil LeakageFormaldehyde Sodium SulfoxylatePotassium Silicate ApplicationsPotassium Silicate Foliar Sprayfood additives meaning in tamilSulfanilic Acid Sodium Salt 97%Sulfanilic Acid Characteristicsnatural food additives examplesAlgaecide Polixetonium ChlorideChlorine Tablets with Algaecidepool time super water clarifiersodium silicate uses in concreteSale High Quality Metanilic Acidoptical brightener for detergentpond algae control safe for fishSulfanilic Acid Monohydrate MsdsDiazotization of Sulfanilic AcidSulfanilic Acid Or Sulfanilamidebrighteners in laundry detergentPond Algaecide Concentration 60%Sulfonic Acid is an Organic AcidSulfanilic Acid EINECS 204-482-5Melting Point of Sulfanilic AcidDispersants Are Used in PigmentsSodium Polynaphthalene SulfonatePotassium Silicate ManufacturersBest Whitening Laundry DetergentSulfanilic Acid With Lower PricePropanedioic Acid Dimethyl Esteroptical brighteners for plasticsPool Water Clarifier IngredientsSwimming Pool Chemicals for SaleSodium Formaldehyde Sulphoxylatewater treatment chemicals marketsulfanilic acid sodium salt msdswater treatment chemical formulaSwimming Pool Green Algae Killerpotassium silicate melting pointdiazotization of sulfanilic acidOptical Brightener Manufacturerschemical water treatment processSodium P - AminobenzenesulfonateDimethyl Malonate Density -1.156Potassium Rhodanate White Powderswimming pool chemical reactionsSulfanilic Acid Sodium Salt MSDSAlgae in Swimming Pool TreatmentAniline-4-sulphonic Acid 99% Minlist of permitted food additivesquick setting concrete chemicalssodium gluconate molecular weightSulfanilic Acid Crystal StructureAn Anionic or Nonionic SurfactantSodium Persulfate CAS No7775-27-1Organic Intermediate White PowderBlack Algaecide for Swimming PoolSodium Bisulfoxylate Formaldehydesuper water clarifier ingredients4-aminophenylsulfonic Acid 99 PCT4-Aminobenzenesulfonic Acid Pricesodium gluconate uses in concretenaphthalene sulfonate in concreteDiazonium Salt of Sulfanilic AcidOptical Brightener BBU Paper Pulpdifferent types of food additivespolyquat algaecide 60 concentrateSulfanilic Acid and SulfanilamidePotassium Silicate in Hydroponicsdiazotized sulfanilic acid formulaSulphanilic Acid for Water Reducerconvert aniline to sulfanilic acidsuper water clarifier instructions2- and 3-aminobenzenesulfonic Acidsulfanilic acid and salicylic acidconcrete water reducer plasticizerindustrial water treatment systemsMonopotassium Phosphate FertilizerConvert Aniline to Sulfanilic Acidmonopotassium phosphate fertilizerP-toluenesulfonic Acid Sodium SaltSodium Alkyl Naphthalene Sulfonatewater treatment chemicals list pdfCotton Fabric and Painting Fillerssodium naphthalene sulfonate priceAmmonium Dihydrogen Orthophosphatewater treatment chemical companiesdisadvantages of superplasticizersSulfanilic Acid For Food AdditivesNaphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde4-Toluenesulfonic Acid Sodium SaltPotassium Polysilicate 3.0 ModulusPotassium Silicate Concrete Sealeroptical brightening agents in paperMolecular Weight of Sulfanilic AcidKill Mustard Algae in Swimming PoolSulfanilic Acid Sodium Salt Hydrateswimming pool chemicals for dummieshigh range water reducing admixturesulfanilic acid sodium salt densityPotassium Thioxomethylidene AzanideNaphthalene Sulphonate FormaldehydeChemical Dispersants for Oil SpillsDimethyl Malonate Boiling Point 181Potassium Dihydrogen Orthophosphatesuperplasticizer dosage in concreteControlling Algae for Swimming Poolsodium gluconate concrete admixturesulphanilic acid is soluble in waterCoupling Reaction of Diazonium SaltsSulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehydecommercial water treatment chemicalsmedicine raw material supplier indiaOptical Brightening Agent in TextilePolyquaternium-42 of Water TreatmentPotassium Silicate Concrete Hardenerwater clarifier chemical compositiondiazotized sulfanilic acid bilirubinProvide Photoinitiator CAS 7473-98-5potassium silicate foliar fertilizerBest Detergent for Whitening Clothes8 Anilino 1 Naphthalenesulfonic Acidmonopotassium phosphate food additiveAniline-p-sulphonic Acid Best QualityWater Soluble Mono Ammonium Phosphateoptical brightener for paper industryPotassium Dihydrogen Phosphate Kh2po4This is a Light Yellow Uniform Powderwater reducing admixture for concreteRefined in Aminobenzene Sulfonic AcidPreparation of Benzene Azo 2 NaphtholIsothiazolinones Cas Number 55965-84-9potassium silicate uses in agricultureLithopone is a Brilliant White PigmentPotassium Silicate Application Weldingprimary clarifier wastewater treatmentpotassium silicate solubility in waternaphthalene sulfonate superplasticizerSodium Hydroxymethanesulfinate Hydratetypes of clarifiers in water treatment5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-oneSulfanilic Acid Synthesis from Anilineeffect of superplasticizer on concreteDetergents Without Optical BrightenersPotassium Polysilicate Favorable PriceFactory Price Potassium Persulfate 99%Use of Dispersants to Treat Oil SpillsAminobenzenesulfonic Acid White PowderHigh Quality of Potassium PolysilciateSulfanilic Acid and Alpha NaphthylamineWater-soluble Strongly Acidic Compounds4-aminobenzenesulphonic Acid Best PriceAminobenzene Sulfonic Acid White Powderwater treatment chemicals list brochureeffects of food coloring on human healthsuperplasticizers for ready mix concreteP Toluenesulfonic Acid RecrystallizationLithopone 99.0%min for Coatings & PaintsFactory Directly Selling Sulfanilic AcidPotassium Silicate Liquid CAS No1312-76-1sulfanilic acid monohydrate boiling point4-Amino-Benzenesulfonic Acid White Powdersulfanilic acid sodium salt melting pointWelding Small Scattering Used As Adhesiveoptical brightener free laundry detergentSodium Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehydeoptical brighteners in laundry detergentsSulfanilic Acid Monohydrate Boiling PointSynthesis of Sulfanilic Acid from Anilinesodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehydeHigh Quality 4-Toluenesulfonic Acid SodiumDiazotization of Sulfanilic Acid MechanismWater Treatment Chemical for Swinming Poolreaction intermediate in organic chemistryFor the Surface Treatment of Metal and inorganic intermediate speciesPreparation of Sulfanilic Acid from Anilinereaction intermediates in organic chemistryDimethyl Malonate Molecular Weight 132.0998Sodium Polyacrylate PAAS As Dispersing AgentPotassium Persulfate Powder CAS NO 7727-21-14-Amino-Benzenesulfonic Acid Monosodium Saltnaphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensateLaundry Detergent Without Optical BrightenersUsed in Cleaning and Picking of Metal SurfaceSodium Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde Useslist of chemicals used in wastewater treatmentsodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde usesDispersing Agent for Disperse Dye/paint WBS-18Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde WikiFormaldehyde Cement Binder Water Reducing AgentWater Reducer Naphthalene Sulphonate FormaldehydeSodium Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde Hs CodeHydroxymethanesulfinic Acid Sodium Salt DihydrateApplied to Various Rubber Products and PVC Plastic.Water Treatment in Industrial Cooling Water SystemsNaphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde Condensate StructureTop Quality Good Price Potassium Sodium Silicate from ELPapermaking Dispersing Agent APAM Anionic PolyacrylamideGood Dispersing Agent for Paint and Carbon Black DispersingA Liquid or Gas Used to Disperse Small Particles in a MediumOil Industry Antiscalant Dispersant Water Treatment Dispersing A